Brazilian striker has a child with his wife’s biological niece

Famous Brazilian striker – Givanildo Vieira de Sousa, is known to fans as Hulk.

The male player is known for playing for the Brazilian national team 53 times, scoring 12 goals. However, Hulk is increasingly famous not because of his ability to play football but because of his life off the pitch, and his ability to sleep with young love.

He welcomed his first child with his young wife Camila Angelo. It is noteworthy that this person is the biological niece of Iran’s ex-wife Angelo. Camila has always called Iran aunt. This strange love story quickly attracted media attention, receiving a lot of negative comments about her husband’s relationship with her nephew.

The male player has posted on social networks sweet and affectionate moments with his granddaughter like lovers in a passionate love phase on his personal page.

The Brazilian striker has a child with a granddaughter
The Brazilian striker has a child with a granddaughter

The Brazilian player left his wife for a love 3 years younger than him

Hulk and Iran Angelo divorced in July 2019 after 12 years of marriage and 3 children, but just a few months later this Brazilian star player suddenly publicly dated his ex-wife’s biological niece.

Hulk divorces to marry his wife's niece
Hulk divorces to marry his wife’s niece

The love story received the most criticism in Brazil

Hulk holds a wedding with his wife’s nephew

Publicize the love story at the end of 2019. In March 2020, Hulk took his lover to China because he was playing for the Shanghai SIPG club and both decided to hold a simple wedding in a country of billions of people.And the Brazilian striker officially announced to everyone that he had a perfect new marriage.

Hulk secretly married his wife's niece
Hulk secretly married his wife’s niece

Hulk’s private life at this time is still going smoothly because, in the early days of public dating, this “contrary” love has been condemned too much by Brazilian public opinion. And by the time the wedding took place, people no longer wanted to care.

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Ex-wife accuses Hulk of being promiscuous

The former striker of male striker suddenly posted meaningful status lines after hearing that her husband and biological niece were married. An angry Iran said never to forgive what her niece Camila did, but she will still maintain a normal relationship with Camila’s mother, ie her biological sister.

Hulk’s ex-wife choked: “I gave him everything since he was born. It’s like my own baby. Not only money but love and care. If I’m doing something wrong in this relationship, it’s probably just trusting the other person too much.” A few painfully scribbled lines of Iran when betrayed by the two people she loved.

Media in Brazil and China were once again stirred up. Hulk’s private life was once again scrutinized by public opinion, leaving wise comments about the actions of the male player and his niece Camila.

Hulk insists: "do not exceed the allowed limit" with his niece
Hulk insists: “do not exceed the allowed limit” with his niece

However, the story of the market became more explosive when Hulk himself denied what his ex-wife said. The striker insisted that he did not “go over the line” with his wife’s hot niece when she was still her husband. He also criticized his ex-wife for treating her husband “like a monster”.

The striker further explained: “I did not fish with Camila when I was married. I’m a real man, just not happy with my marriage.”

It can be seen that Hulk has the same hard-to-explain mind in this 12-year marriage. Hulk said there are many reasons for him to break up with his wife. He frankly criticized his ex-wife for taking advantage of his reputation, wanting to be noticed in the name of the player’s wife.

The Brazilian striker did not hesitate to speak up about his personal views when he loved and had a husband and wife relationship with his wife’s niece. He said: “I am young, Camila is also young and beautiful, we love each other naturally. We came together while we were single,” Hulk said in a tough interview.

Brazilian striker welcomes first child with granddaughter

Hulk welcomes 4th child with granddaughter
Hulk welcomes 4th child with granddaughter

This is the 35-year-old striker’s fourth child and his first with Camila. Before that, Hulk had 2 daughters and 1 son with ex-wife Iran Angelo.

The crazy love of Hulk and his son’s cousin ends up creating another little angel. No one knows how long Hulk’s love for this new wife will last. No one knows how to hurt the children and ex-wife will be when they learn this painful truth. What do you say Hulk’s son has to call Camila’s stepmother’s son?.

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