Scarlett Johansson was touched on the chest by the MC on the red carpet

As one of the hottest actresses in the entertainment industry, Scarlett Johansson often encounters difficult situations right on the red carpet. In 2006 on the red carpet Scarlett Johansson was openly touched by an MC, but this was eventually forgotten because this person spoke out that he was gay. For Johansson, however, this has made a lot of difference. Let’s find out more details about this case with Zululion!

Scarlett Johansson - the hottest actress in the entertainment world
Scarlett Johansson – the hottest actress in the entertainment world

About Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is short for Scarlett Ingrid Johansson. She is an American singer and actress. Starting her acting career at the age of 7 and up to now, she has had outstanding achievements throughout her career journey. Currently, Scarlett Johansson has a complete home with actor Colin Jost.

Scarlett Johansson's teenage beauty
Scarlett Johansson’s teenage beauty

With her debut role at the age of 7 in a promotional MV, then she gradually tried her hand at film roles. In the early days, Johansson was rejected a lot but with her efforts, Johansson got her first role and now she has achieved many achievements with the films with her participation receiving all recognition box office records and Johansson personally also has other prestigious titles.

Johansson's hot body in the movie
Johansson’s hot body in the movie
The role of Johansson in the movie
The role of Johansson in the movie

Sharing about her predestined relationship with the acting career Johansson once had an extremely humorous share that she had a passion for acting right from the womb. Specifically, in an interview with The Guardian, Scarlett Johansson joked that from the time she was in the womb, she had a passion for acting and wanted to flow out of it so that she could act right away.

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Johansson was touched on the chest by the MC

Known as the hottest beauty in the Marvel cinematic universe, Scarlett Johansson is often involved in many dating rumors or even encounters many public groping and harassment situations at events Awards. Perhaps the most awkward situation for her during Johansson’s acting career was that a male MC openly touched her breasts right on that carpet in front of so many guests and cameras. Even then Johansson was only 21 years old. But in the end, this incident was buried because this MC said he was gay.

The beauty of Isaac Mizrahi
Isaac Mizrahi

Back in that year, Johansson was just 21 when designer and Mc Isaac Mizrahi, then 44, grabbed Johansson’s chest during an interview about her red Valentino dress.

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Isaac Mizrahi touches Johansson's breasts on the red carpet
Isaac Mizrahi touches Johansson’s breasts on the red carpet

When asked about this incident in front of the camera Scarlett Johansson answered annoyed: “what’s going on?”. However, in the end, Johansson spoke up about this incident:

“Mostly, I thought, ‘Oh, my God. This is happening on live television.’ I don’t think he’s interested in it. He’s doing some shocking shows or whatever for his channel and wants to be different and unique and all that.” Johansson then added: “I’m sure he was hooked on that. It’s like he doesn’t know how a dress works.”

Using the excuse to find out about the dress, Isaac Mizrahi touched Johansson's chest
Using the excuse to find out about the dress, Isaac Mizrahi touched Johansson’s chest

Then Mizrahi also officially apologized and corrected this incident: “If someone has offended, I apologize.” Mizrahi explained that he was just a designer trying to figure out how her dress was made.

Isaac Mizrahi says he's just attracted to Johansson's dress
Isaac Mizrahi says he’s just attracted to Johansson’s dress

Although Mizrahi has also spoken out explaining that he is Gay and that he is really just fascinated by Johansson’s design, many people still condemn this incident as Mizrahi did it on purpose.

Johansson's peak beauty
Johansson’s peak beauty

Situations of actresses being groped right on stage are no longer rare. However, the situation Scarlett Johansson encountered was really too unexpected. Although it was a long time ago, this was probably an event that could not be forgotten in her whole life.



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