Kendall Jenner and a series of scandals proving “beautiful will be forgiven”

Kendall Jenner, the world’s most famous supermodel, her face is not too strange in the Hollywood village, known to everyone through the family reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashian. She is now the proof of a series of “beautiful will be forgiven” scandals.

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Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner

Recently, she was also seen walking in the street without underwear with her father. She wears a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit, long legs also wears a fur coat, and is quite airy when wearing lingerie in the upper part to wear on the street. And as she said, she likes to go topless.

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Her series of scandals

Kendall Jenner is perhaps the least controversial of her Kardashian sisters, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t entangled in a series of typical scandals.

  1. Take your little sister to the “Hot Pole Dance” Club
  2. Pay by “throwing money” at the waiter’s face
  3. Use precautions at the age of 15
  4. Being shunned by colleagues for being arrogant and having many bad habits

Information about model village long legs

Kendall Jenner started her modeling career at the age of 14. And not long after that, she continuously signed with fashion brands such as performing for Forever 21 and becoming a model on the cover of the magazine. Not long after that, she also signed a contract with Cheerleader magazine in 2012.

After that, she also gradually appeared on international fashion catwalks and signed with fashion tycoon brands such as Chanel, Vogue, and Givenchy,…

And recently Kendall Jenner first won the title of “world’s top supermodel” – “world’s highest-paid supermodel” in 2018 according to Forbes. At that time, the whole modeling world seemed to have a global shock.

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The world’s new generation supermodel and addicting hobby

The reason for the scandals

Take your little sister to the “Hot Pole Dance” Club

In 2013, when she was not yet 18 years old, she attended “hot pole dancing” clubs, but not only long-legged but also brought her little sister, Kylie Jenner. It is worth noting that this club is required to be 21 years old or older, especially inside the club there are many sensitive scenes or activities, hot pole dancing, and other 21+ activities.

Jenner sisters
Jenner sisters

Pay by “throwing money” at the waiter’s face

In 2015, Kendall Jenner and her best friend Hailey Baldwin went to dinner together at a luxury restaurant in New York. But after she finished eating, she did not pay after leaving, causing the waitress to run after her to ask the female supermodel to pay for her meal.

Everything would be normal if she paid like everyone else, but she wasn’t. The waitress tried to give chase but ended up getting an annoying face and rude behavior from Kendall throwing money at the waitress and then walking away.

Because of her disdainful attitude, she was put on the wait staff's nightmare list
Because of her disdainful attitude, she was put on the wait staff’s nightmare list

Use precautions at the age of 15

On the family reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashian, her father and sister Khloe Kardashian argued that when she was just 15 years old, she took precautions. Her father seems to agree with it, and her sister Khloe thinks it’s unnecessary because she’s not even a teenager yet.

Kendall Jenner at 15 years old
Kendall Jenner at 15 years old

Being shunned by colleagues for being arrogant and having many bad habits

According to Intouch, when participating in the largest lingerie fashion show on the planet long-legged, Kendall did not receive attention from other long-legged angels, even though she was shunned and treated coldly. Because they think that Kendall is allowed to attend this big fashion show because of the great fame that covers the entire planet of the Jenner – Kardashian family without having to work hard and try as hard as they do.

Moreover, her cold and somewhat arrogant personality is also a factor that makes her relationship with other colleagues more stifling than ever.

Many people think that Kendall Jenner is both beautiful and rich, her family is too famous, and she lived so happily since childhood, so she created a scandal for herself.

Despite many scandals, she is still the most sought-after long-legged woman in Hollywood. And she’s the #1 It Girl icon.

Kendall Jenner shines at Victoria's Secret 2018
Kendall Jenner shines at Victoria’s Secret 2018

The world’s longest legs, despite having so many scandals, she is always sought after as a new symbol of the future generation of models. Also because of her beauty and wealth, her love history is equally long.


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