A series of nude photos of expensive supermodel Kendall Jenner

During a photo shoot for i-D magazine. Kendall Jenner posed with a series of revealing outfits, especially she was nude in a black and white photo of the magazine.

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The super model’s revealing photo on the cover of the magazine

As the most expensive supermodel in the world, she is not afraid to challenge herself in unusual outfits. Even better, the costumes are delicately cut but also do not forget the bold part, both highlighting the supermodel’s standard healthy body and enhancing the charisma of the outfit. And she know how to showing off her body.


On her long-legged personal Instagram, m79 does not hesitate to post a photo of herself as a supermodel of the famous magazine i:D with a picture of her extremely luxurious charisma as well as her beautiful lines.

In the set of photos taken for i:D, the model appeared with short blond hair trimmed jaggedly, looking extremely personality with a bit spoiled of strong-minded girls, and at the same time wearing costumes. The lack of clothes shows off most of her 27-year-old, toned skin.

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In this appearance, member of the Kardashian family – Kendall brings a new look, a free-spirited but also carefree, rebellious girl with a strong personality.

Rebel style bold personality
Rebel style bold personality

The series of photos above has attracted millions of likes and comments after only half a day of posting. That can also show the attractiveness and popularity of the Kardashian family member, who is undeniably the world’s top supermodel. Long legs 179cm born in 1995 of the Kardashian family. Most people admire and praise her perfect figure and attractive charisma.

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Her chic aura and attractive figure
Her chic aura and attractive figure

In particular, in the photo above, she did not hesitate to get naked in front of the camera to show off her curvy body. The photo in black and white effect creates even more magic, attractive beauty that makes it difficult for viewers to take their eyes off.

image 3

The model did not hesitate to show off her whole body, with a standard golden ratio body. Previously, the 1995 model had been criticized for her sagging breasts, but she did not mind, on the contrary, recent photos have proven that it is not true when her body is still in the golden ratio.

She showed off her confidence in her latest photo shoot, lying on her side with a striking black and white photo with her body fully exposed.

She once shared with the hunters that she is a fan of control and her growth. From joining the family reality show to becoming the highest paid supermodel in the world.

Black and white photos of long legs m79
Black and white photos of long legs m79

Currently, in addition to working as a model in the world, she is also engaged in business like her other sisters. She owns a liquor brand and is the creative director of a shopping website.

She also shared more about her own control. Furthermore, she was portrayed the way they wanted, because it was her job and she used to dislike it very much. But now she’s been able to regain that control, build her own brand, and feel empowered.

The world’s most famous supermodel, her reputation is like that, but it is unlikely that you know the following things about her. Let’s take a look at the boyfriends in her life with zululion!

Regarding her private life, she is currently still passionate about basketball player Devin Booker.

The long-legged supermodel of the Kardashian family is currently still shocking social networks with her bold photos. That shows that she is still the top supermodel in the world with a huge salary.

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