Review Enlisted – A shooting game for 100 players to confront at the same time

PC game shooter titles have always been loved and participated in by many players around the globe. It not only gives you the ultimate shooting moments, but you and your friends can simultaneously join the fight together at the same time with up to 100 players in the same area. Let’s explore with Zululion this extremely attractive shooting game called Enlisted!

Enlisted - A shooting game for 100 players to confront at the same time
Enlisted – A shooting game for 100 players to confront at the same time


Published by Gaijin Entertainment and famous for developing War Thunder and reimagining the infantry of World War II, Enlisted has quickly gained popularity among players around the globe. Enlisted gives players the feeling of being relived in the bloody historical conflicts of the world, feeling like they are participating in this war, and understanding more about the fierceness of the war.

Enlisted is a shooting game that simulates World War 2
Enlisted is a shooting game that simulates World War 2
Enlisted belongs to the Fps game genre
Enlisted belongs to the Fps game genre

Although it is a game of fps game, the gameplay of Enlisted is not similar to the usual fps games, but it brings extremely new and wonderful experiences:

  • The first is that its positioning mode is extremely good, you can almost observe the whole scene of your teammates and where your opponents are on the map.
  • Second, this game has an additional fire mode that can burn
  • Third, its microtransactions are extremely reasonable, and these transactions do not affect your play too much.
  • And the last point is that it is possible to join 100 players at the same time in the same area at the same time.

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A battlefield in Enlisted
A battlefield in Enlisted

Enlisted is set in the years of World War II, when the conflicts are escalating and the whole world is still a bloody and fierce battlefield, with the participation of many countries around the world from Europe and Asia to Europe. Participating in Enlisted, players will be able to choose famous battlefields that happened in World War II, these battlefields can be Europe, the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, Southeast Asia, and China, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, or even Africa, parts of North and South America.

The battlefield scene in Enlisted
The battlefield scene in Enlisted

The battlefield scales in Enlisted are also realistically built with an extremely large number of participating gamers. The number of gamers participating in the battle on the battlefield is currently 100 people, the largest number of all shooting games globally up to the present time. Players will also experience most authentically the fierceness of a real battlefield with intense and suspenseful gun battles.


Tanks in Enlisted
Tanks in Enlisted

Most of the current shooting games on the market will be in single combat mode or a small group with a few people fighting together. But Enlisted players will experience the feeling of fighting in a complete army. In a large team, each person will have different roles to be able to support each other to fight the best.

The battle scene in Enlisted
The battle scene in Enlisted
Soldiers fighting in Enlisted
Soldiers fighting in Enlisted
Soldiers fighting in Enlisted
Soldiers fighting in Enlisted

Currently, in Enlisted there are a total of 12 main ranks with different functions and tasks. Each level has its own different weapons and skills, and these weapons can be unlocked in turn to be upgraded.

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Here are the names and roles of each rank in Enlisted:

1. Soldiers

These are the soldiers fighting on the front lines of the battle and the direct participants in these battles. They are equipped with many modern weapons to ensure their best combat, such as semi-automatic rifles and sniper rifles.

2. Masons

These are the people who will control the tanks and use mortars to destroy the opponent on a large scale. The lance tanks move very slowly but their damage is extremely large and they can destroy a small squad in just a few seconds. During the war, it really played an important part in draining the enemy’s manpower.

3. Sniper

Snipers are often hidden and far from the front lines. They have only one most important task, which is to destroy the most important target, the key person holding the enemy’s important role.

4. Bombers

The bomber’s main purpose is to destroy enemy vehicles, especially tanks because, in addition to being a means of causing extreme damage on a large scale, it is also an extremely solid and sturdy vehicle. Only bombers can destroy it. In addition, if in an emergency, the bomber can also be a giant rifle that can be used against infantry.

5. Assaulter

This is a fast shock army that takes over the short-range combat and the support force for a protracted battle. This army is equipped with submachine guns plus with extremely fast movement speed, so it will have the task of breaking down enemy buildings and fortified structures. It is also possible to sneak inside internally and attack from within the enemy.

6. Engineer

This is a fairly new group of characters and first appeared in a shooting game. To be able to defeat the enemy, in addition to the means and powerful fighting force, the rear and the constructions in their barracks also need to be solid and solid to be able to prevent the attack of the enemy. enemy. In addition, they also have the task of building permanent gun emplacements that provide your team with the means to take down enemy planes and tanks as they approach your stronghold.

7. Gunner

The gunners will usually be equipped with machine guns and have the task of keeping watch in the middle of your area, if there is an enemy army approaching, this will be the first person to fight to prevent the enemy from being able to reach the stronghold.

8. Radio operator

This is a person who can create tremendous amounts of damage and go crazy on the battlefield. Radio operators will use their radio equipment to call up artillery in your area so that they can take out your opponents when they attack your area.

9. Flame Soldier

This is the most formidable army in a battle. The flamethrower of this army is extremely destructive. The flame after being spewed out can reach a length of up to 6 meters (18 feet).

10. Motorbike driving

Where are the modern light cavalry, riding motorcycles on the battlefield? Each motorcycle will be equipped with a light gun. The driving squad in addition to attacking the enemy on the way, also has a very important task, which is to transport members to the battlefield and return injured members from the battlefield.

11. Oil tankers

This is one of the key troops for the battle, this army will provide the battle as well as fuel for the whole battle.

12. Navigator

This army has the task of using fighters or bombers alone and using it to be able to bomb the enemy’s territory.


Graphics are a huge strength of Enlisted. The game’s graphics system is extremely realistic, players will admire the beautiful 3D scenes with realistic details of the effects when fighting.

Enlisted's graphics bring extremely realistic feelings
Enlisted’s graphics bring extremely realistic feelings

Besides, I also noticed that Enlisted also focuses on extremely detailed graphics. The battle tanks are all simulated from the second world war full of realism to every detail and size. Each weapon in the game is beautiful and creates a wonderful experience.


Enlisted gives me very interesting moments with my friends. Although there are times when I feel its shooting part is quite loose and I can barely control it. Besides, it was rushed and the atmosphere it gave was not what I expected. Even so, Enlisted is a great game that you and your friends can enjoy together. Follow Zululion to get more information about super cool games that we will summarize for you!


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