War Thunder – the game inspired by word war 2

Known as one of the best World war 2 simulation games of all time and highly appreciated by everyone, War Thunder makes gamers exclaim when they first experience it. It is also one of the MMO titles with the highest number of players globally. So what is so special about this game that makes it so attractive? Let’s find out detailed information about this game with Zululion!

War Thunder - The game inspired by World War 2
War Thunder – The game inspired by World War 2


War Thunder is a game set in the world war 2
War Thunder is a game set in the world war 2

War Thunder is an online game set in World War II developed by Gaijin Entertainment. This is a game that once caused a fever that was extremely sought after by gamers because of its extremely diverse combat mechanics and breathtaking battles in the sky. War Thunder also owns a beautiful graphic style along with extremely vivid sound effects to give players an extremely interesting experience.


Style play

War Thunder has similar gameplay to FPs games and MMOs. The battles of War Thunder will be diverse on all 3 fronts in the air, at sea, and on land.

Tank battle in War Thunder
Tank battle in War Thunder

With the battle on land will be Tank battle, in the air will be fighters, and finally at sea with warships. Fighting on land must be no stranger to many other gamers. As for the air and sea, its battle mechanism is the same as the World of warship. with the participation of more than 9 great powers that have fought in World War 2 including the world Soviet Union, United States, United Kingdom, France, Nazi Germany, Empire of Japan, Italy, China, and Sweden.

Air Battle mode in War Thunder
Air Battle mode in War Thunder

Here are the game modes include:

  • Air Battle: Players will control fighter aircraft to perform missions: protect the allied base, destroy enemy aircraft, bombard the enemy base,…
  • Tank Battle: Players will control a tank that is not only tasked with destroying other enemy tanks but also armed with anti-aircraft guns to destroy enemy aircraft.
  • Ship Battle: Players will control an aircraft carrier equipped with torpedoes to both revive the fighter’s teammates and destroy enemy ships and planes.


War Thunder fighter aircraft
War Thunder fighter aircraft

In game, players will have the right to choose the game mode so that players will have different missions suitable for each game mode they choose.

Bombers in War Thunder
Bombers in War Thunder

For example, I choose for myself the fighter aircraft, so my task will be to protect the bomber so that it can fly to the specified target. And if you choose a battle tank, your mission will be to destroy all enemies whether on the ground or in the air. There are also other quests that the player can do without any limitations. These missions can be to take down 10 enemy planes or participate in about 10 tank battles,…for players to have more bonuses to upgrade their equipment.

You will need:


Weapons in War Thunder are diverse
Weapons in War Thunder are diverse

War Thunder is one of the most weapon-rich games I’ve seen. These weapons range from land, air, and sea. Below is each weapon in War Thunder.

  • Tanks: There are more than 400 different types of tanks in War Thunder for players to choose from and they can be classified into 4 main groups: heavy tanks, medium tanks, light tanks, and anti-aircraft tanks for humans. Players can choose the right match for each battle.
  • Aircraft: There are many types of aircraft in the game and the number of them is so many that I can’t count them all including fighter aircraft whose mission is to attack the head; Bombers are responsible for bombarding the enemy and finally fighter planes are responsible for protecting bombers.
  • Warships: The number of warships in the game is not as diverse as tanks and aircraft, but it is also okay with many powerful weapons such as anti-aircraft guns, torpedoes, and many other warships so that the plane has a place to revive or refuel.

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When I first joined the game

When starting to participate in War Thunder, the player only has about 200 aircraft to choose from and of which the player will choose one to start participating in the battle. After a few matches where the EXP points increase, the player will unlock a few more Propellor planes from the beginning of World War 2 and then in turn the jets will be unlocked for the player to choose.

"Arcade" game mode in War Thunder
“Arcade” game mode in War Thunder

When starting to play, many people will probably have a lot of difficulty in controlling these planes to shoot the most accurate target, I have been like that and I like the way War Thunder supports people’s new play. In the planes, there are 3 different modes for players to join the battle most easily. Those three modes are respectively:

  • “Arcade”: this is a mode for players who just want to jump and shoot whatever they want without having to have a map to determine exactly where they want to shoot.
  • “Sim”: this mode helps the player to determine the exact location of the enemy or his aircraft through the navigation system.
  • “Realistic”: it can be said that this is a combination of Sim and Arcade modes. With this mode, players will be able to quickly determine the exact location of enemy aircraft while shooting freely.
"Sim" game mode in War Thunder
“Sim” game mode in War Thunder

For a new player joining War Thunder at first, it will be quite overwhelming, but in the game, there are specific instructions, so just follow the specific instructions that you can understand and then can join easily.


Solo or Squad Up.

War Thunder is one of those fighting games that allows players to choose to fight solo to engage their enemies. The battle time will also have no requirements, it will only end when one side loses. Also if you can also join the team by inviting your friends to join. If no one joins you, don’t worry because in War Thunder there is a special system called “Squad” for you to find your teammates.

In War Thunder, there are both solo and Squad Up modes
In War Thunder, there are both Solo and Squad Up modes

For the battle mechanism, the team will mainly fight in the 16v16 mechanism. Players in a team will have the task of supporting each other. If you find yourself an excellent squad, in addition to the possibility that your team will win easily, your team will receive another bonus when your team works well together.

Plane options on the interface
Plane options on the interface

And the last and most important thing is that you can join a “squad” of players, in this “squad” can be linked together as people in the same “clan”. You will have the benefit of unlocking some interesting features to research some rare premium vehicles and gain access to PvP mode, plus you can also combine into a team with other players this “squad”.

Sound, graphics

War Thunder is a game that simulates war, so its combat vehicles are invested with extremely vivid and quality graphics. In the game, there are thousands of different combat vehicles and each vehicle has a very distinct appearance and characteristics, I am also really attracted to this point of War Thunder.

War Thunder's graphics and sounds are realistic and vivid
War Thunder’s graphics and sounds are realistic and vivid

 The sound in War Thunder is equally impressive. During participating in the battle, the player will constantly hear the sound of gunfire, the roar of the aircraft, and the sound of the bomb destruction, making the player feel like he is participating in a fierce war.


War Thunder
War Thunder

For me, War Thunder is a game worth experiencing. The unique combination of air, land, and sea battles makes it extremely thrilling and exciting. The way War Thunder simulates World War 2 is also extremely vivid and equally bright. However, one thing I didn’t like about War Thunder was that when I lost my life I was not given any information about the reason for this.


War Thunder - The game inspired by World War 2
War Thunder – The game inspired by World War 2

Among the MMO war games, War Thunder is one of my favorite games. The combination of diverse battles along with its meticulousness in every detail has given players the most wonderful and realistic experience. Follow Zululion for more super cool games that we will provide you too!


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