Kate Upton is dating an ‘ugly’ person

Kate Upton is comfortable around “bad guy” Justin Verlander.

It can be considered that Justin Verlander is the luckiest man when he is the owner of the heart of the hot model Kate – the perfect copy of the “sex bomb” Marilyn Monroe. The couple “talented boys and girls” really know how to make others admire them.

Kate’s boyfriend has no beauty, but in return, he is a famous talented player in the baseball village with a rare charming girlfriend.

Kate Upton is dating an 'ugly' person
Kate Upton is dating an ‘ugly’ person

The love story of Kate Upton and her ugly boyfriend

The couple started dating publicly in 2012, and after finding out a short time later, both decided to go their separate ways. Not long after, suddenly, Justin Verlander and Kate Upton unexpectedly got back together in 2013.

Kate Upton publicly dating
Kate Upton publicly dating

Justin and Kate’s love story has lasted from 2013 until now. Unlike other famous couples, the newspapers did not “dig up” much from the relationship of this couple. Their love story doesn’t have as much surprise or drama as other celebrities.

Hacker released “hot” photos of Kate with her lover

Hackers publish private photos of Kate Upton
Hackers publish private photos of Kate Upton

Only once, the two were caught in an unwanted market – becoming the hottest couple in all newspapers. An unexpected accident happened, hackers broke into Kate’s phone and hacked all her private information. Many “hot” images of the female supermodel and her lover are intimately spread on social networks.

Hackers broke into Kate's phone
Hackers broke into Kate’s phone

The media did not get much out of this accident with Kate Upton. Because the female model has a hot body, full of vitality, but inside is an introvert, simple, and does not like to show off.

She and her boyfriend rarely publicize their private life too much, the couple only posts a few photos of their daily life. This is a way for them to protect their love against the many scandals surrounding the lives of celebrities.

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Kate’s boyfriend is noticed because his appearance does not match his girlfriend

Justin Verlander doesn't deserve Kate Upton
Justin Verlander doesn’t deserve Kate Upton

Baseball player Justin Verlander is considered to have a disproportionate appearance with an attractive girlfriend. Justin’s appearance is not outstanding, his face is oversized, and his mustache is not neat. Looking at the way he dresses every day is enough to know that he is not a person who focuses on appearance, and does not show his worth through the way he dresses.

Perhaps that’s why the pair of “deviant chopsticks” in both beauty and appearance is a rare case where they can be happy together.

Justin Verlander confided when interviewed by a newspaper, he said: “We are normal people and have a very normal relationship, you can believe it or not, it’s up to you.”

Kate Upton’s boyfriend selection criteria

Kate Upton's boyfriend selection criteria
Kate Upton’s boyfriend selection criteria

As for the beauty, she was fed up with the flirting ways of billionaires, and actors,… The only reason she wanted to be with Justin Verlander was just for one simple thing he is different from hundreds of thousands of other boys.

Kate gets to be herself, and Justin treats her like a normal person.

The couple comfortably enjoyed all the sweet stages in love, respecting each other as friends. Kate happily recounted Justin wasn’t afraid to kick her ass to make fun of her.

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Kate Upton is comfortable standing next to player Justin Verlander

The interesting thing about the couple is that they have a common interest in actively participating in fun games according to the movement. Fans were excited when they watched the videos posted by the two themselves, recording each other’s parodies, or challenging each other: by pouring ice water on their heads,…

In addition, Kate Upton also has a passion for baseball with her lover. On weekends, Justin often takes Kate to watch him play or watch other teams’ games. Simple everyday things can connect Kate and Justin more emotionally.

Kate and Justin attend a sports event
Kate and Justin attend a sports event

Fans hate Kate Upton for affecting Justin Verlander’s performance

Fans hate Kate Upton for affecting Justin Verlander's performance
Fans hate Kate Upton for affecting Justin Verlander’s performance

The relationship between Kate and Justin was not always happy, several times they revealed evidence of an emotional rift. Kate was blamed by fans for making Justin’s form noticeably worse since he met her.

Around mid-2015, some sources said, after many unsuccessful marriage proposals, the 32-year-old baseball player gave up and their love stood on the edge of the abyss. These sources also revealed that Justin Verlander wants to protect and protect Kate, but she still wants to enjoy the feeling of fame and success instead of accepting a peaceful married life.

Kate Upton’s Current Life

Kate Upton's Current Life
Kate Upton’s Current Life

On November 4, 2017, supermodel “prosperous” Kate Upton officially got on the flower car, sharing the same house with professional baseball player Justin Verlander.

Kate Upton gave birth to her first daughter at the end of 2018. However, to keep her child the most peaceful life, the beauty is limited to posting close-up photos of the little angel’s face. Instead, she usually only shares photos taken from behind or from an angle.

Kate lives with her husband in the mansion
Kate lives with her husband in the mansion

The beautiful couple lives in a luxurious, fully equipped villa, estimated at $ 5.25 million in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA.

Kate Upton is a rare example, a girl who has everything everyone wants. Born into a wealthy family, has a successful career. She has always been one of the highest-earning long legs in the world. Choose a way of life without noise and scandal. If you ask me: “An excellent girl like Kate Upton will choose to love the giants, right?”. Then after reading this article, here is my answer.

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