Elden Ring – Best game you should try in 2022

Elden Ring is known as a title that has content as an imaginative epic on a scale never seen before. Right from its debut, Elden Ring has shined and been praised by many critics with its challenging yet equally exciting adventures. So what is this super hot hit game that is so loved? Let’s explore the details of this game with Zululion to better understand it!

Elden Ring is like an epic work
Elden Ring is like an epic work


Different from its previous series, Elden Ring is an action role-playing game (RPG game) with extremely intense combat. The story in the game begins with the ring named “Elden” being stolen and destroyed. This is a very important ring, it has the task of sealing and balancing the factions in the world at that time. The loss of the ring also means that now factions will rebel to fight for the most important position in their hands.

This is a fighting action role-playing game
This is a fighting action role-playing game

I can almost see that the publisher of this game is trying to make it the biggest open-world game to date. And he successfully turned Elden Ring into the most mentioned game of the year. I don’t know if it’s because of its open-world mode, but I have to admit it’s amazing. When you participate in it, your mind will always be haunted when you have to go through battles with giant enemies such as Lord Massive, Master of the Biggest Swords. The battles in this game are so attractive that, as long as you pass a battle, you will always fight more to be satisfied.

Contents of Elden Ring

Elden Ring begins with the scene where the ring named “Elden” is stolen and then destroyed. And then the factions in the world began to rebel and conquer each other. Players will take on the role of Tracked – an old warrior of Lord Elden and will have a very important responsibility to restore that ring so that the world can once again return to its original order. 

The main task of the player is to find the shard of the ring and restore it
The main task of the player is to find the shard of the ring and restore it

When you first enter the game, you will immediately receive the important task of finding the ring and re-crafting it. For those who do not fully understand the content will certainly be quite vague and many other questions are raised such as: “What is the Elden Ring?” and “Why are you on a mission to find its fragments and then restore it to its original state?”.

During the game, you will also have to go through a lot of difficulties to be able to find these fragments. Players will have to go through zigzag roads or walk through hills dotted with dense forests that are occupied by ferocious monsters. If you accidentally encounter it, you will also have to go through a battle that is not easy to overcome. In addition, you are also required to find out what is happening and what factional forces are occupying the road or the lands you pass through.

Players will take on the role of Tarcked - an old warrior of Lord Elden
Players will take on the role of Tarcked – an old warrior of Lord Elden

Similar to some role-playing games currently on the market, players will play the role of a person with a noble mission and mission to rescue that land and world so that it can return to its inherent beauty. However, after 70 hours of participating in the game, I am still quite confused and do not fully understand the story of Elden Ring. I still don’t understand how this magic ring named “Elden” can maintain a peaceful situation in this world. The owner of this ring can maintain its dominance when there are so many factions out there.

Even though it’s an action role-playing fighting game, Elden Ring still has moments of settling down with classic 80s tunes every time your character comes to a peaceful and relaxing land. soul to be able to enjoy the good things from it.

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All encounters in Elden Ring are random
All encounters in Elden Ring are random

Elden Ring has a fairly extensive plot, but Game of Thrones George RR Martin knows how not to cram it and keep the same approach as its predecessors so that players are not too surprised when joining the Elden Ring. The characters that the player encounters in the course of their mission are randomly arranged to create as natural and realistic as possible. The map will not show or herald their arrival. Your encounters with the characters are all coincidental and the stories you meet on the way will also be changed more or less by your choices. This will greatly contribute to making its plot as realistic and natural as possible

The plot of Elden Ring is quite novel but I think it is not given much attention and is strictly required. Sometimes players will receive quite a few tasks that are quite similar, if not identical in detail. However, the content and plot of this game are still attractive and extremely attractive and new. I think you should try it once in your life because it’s really amazing.

Combat principles

Some fighting principles in Elden Ring
Some fighting principles in Elden Ring

Each game has its own fighting principles, but if you want to be able to quickly complete the task quickly or win the Boss easily, you should refer to these fighting principles. , you can even follow it. Here are some effective fighting principles in Elden Ring that I have put together for you:

  • 1/ You need to know how to control your own stamina, that is, you must know when you can endure it so that you can continue to fight or should withdraw to be able to preserve your strength. Fighting madly without knowing the limit of your best friend’s stamina only makes you very vulnerable to injury and blood loss, you can even die if you don’t heal yourself in time. So you need to be wise when fighting your enemies to get the best results for you.
  • 2 / Always collect and own as many weapons and spells as possible because it will be a “lifebuoy” that can save you in those particularly dangerous situations. You will never know how you will have to fight the next monster, or even what monsters will be summoned into your battle, so own Having a wide variety of weapons will help you choose the right weapon when fighting to ensure that you can have a higher chance of winning.
  • 3/ Always be in a state of readiness to fight with at least 1 weapon in hand. In Elden Ring, you will never know when monsters will suddenly appear in front of you and attack you. So always be ready to fight if you don’t lose blood unjustly.


Special features of Eden Ring
Special features of Eden Ring

Are you also wondering what makes this game so much more attractive than other titles that Skyrim has to offer? So let’s talk about some of the differences that make it so attractive and special:

  • The first is that the enemy levels in Elden Ring are not hierarchical or divided according to a level at all, players can even meet enemies that are weaker than themselves or can be many times stronger than themselves. . In a combat mission in battle zones, if the player is unfortunate enough to enter later, the possibility that the player will have to fight strong enemies is very large, which poses a lot of risk to the player.
  • The second thing is that Limgrave in Elden Ring is specially designed with the mind to be the main road that brings players to Stormveil castle and players can explore and find their own mysterious passages, and surrounding roads.
  • Next is the stealth system here. You do not hear wrong, in this game you will be able to use stealth in special situations. Of course, you will also have to pay a certain cost for using this stealth system. If you encounter an opponent that is too strong for you, you can also use this stealth system to be able to sneak behind the opponent and deliver a powerful critical hit to weaken them.
  • The last thing is that players can also use weapons with both their hands to be able to attack more quickly so that the opponent can’t keep up is also a special point of this game compared to other games before making it so much more special.



  • Rich and large open world
  • Players are free to fight and move
  • There are many new and novel combat systems, there are new stealth systems


  • Because there is no suitable enemy hierarchy for players, it sometimes leads to players losing their lives unjustly.
  • Missions in the game are often not clear
  • The plot is not clear


Elden Ring is a game that has been released from the strict framework of its predecessors to be able to move into a much larger and more interesting open world. Elden Ring gives players extremely wonderful and exciting moments. If only in terms of its content, this is exactly a game that gives players an extremely interesting but equally challenging adventure experience. If you and your friends are bored and are looking for an interesting game to relax this summer, Elden Ring is the first choice for you.


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