Chelsea is likely to disband after sanctions

Chelsea is subject to British sanctions, directed at this team and billionaire Roman Abramovich personally involved in the ongoing armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Bitter for Chelsea when this team received a penalty on the 117th anniversary of its founding.

Even more grim for The Blues, because the Stamford Bridge home team was punished when it was developing in the right direction, the ban directly affected Chelsea for reasons that did not stem from the mistakes of the players, the coaching staff or the staff of this club.

Chelsea is likely to disband after sanctions
Chelsea is likely to disband after sanctions

Harsh punishment

The Blues must receive sanctions on a scale unprecedented in the history of world football. The London team is prohibited from any act of transferring players (not buying, selling, re-signing contracts), not selling tickets, selling related products under the club’s brand.

The Blues - Harsh punishment
The Blues – Harsh punishment

CLB are still allowed to spend on matches held at Stamford Bridge, as well as being allowed to spend on travel to away matches. However, the amount of money the club pays is limited, specifically for home matches, Chelsea can only spend a maximum of £500,000, and for away matches, the home team at Stamford Bridge is only allowed. Spend up to £20,000 and need to clearly list and demonstrate these expenses are reasonable.

England’s sanctions are blows aimed at Chelsea in every way. In terms of expertise, coach Thomas Tuchel’s team is not only banned from buying new players, but also not being allowed to renew the contracts of existing players.

Chelsea fans are not allowed to enter the stadium, except for those with season tickets.
Chelsea fans are not allowed to enter the stadium, except for those with season tickets.

On the financial side, The Blues has cut its revenue by more than half, but still has to ensure spending when forced to pay normal salaries for about 1,400 members of the club.

According to The Athletic, Three, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the UK, has announced that it will stop cooperating, demanding that the brand’s logo be removed from The Blues’s shirts immediately. Other club sponsors such as Nike, Hyundai are also considering whether to continue to perform sponsorship contracts for players.

The worst scenario for CLB is that all major sponsors turn away, causing Chelsea to lose up to 150-200 million pounds per year, along with the loss of revenue from ticket sales and sales of products. related products.

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A ray of hope after the execution of the punishment

Eight hours after the punishment, Chelsea beat Norwich City to widen the gap with the chasing group to 8 points. The pressure surrounding the blue shirt team is no longer in its best form when facing the team ranked last in the rankings.

Despite facing difficulties, Chelsea still fight with the symbol of Mason Mount kissing the club logo after the goal against Norwich. Recently, coach Tuchel announced to the media that he will still stay with his students to fight to the end even though there are 6 clubs chasing the highest title. That is the fierce fighting spirit needed right now for Chelsea to overcome difficulties.

Chelsea scored the decisive goal against Norwich
Chelsea scored the decisive goal against Norwich

To escape British sanctions, The Blues has only one way to go and that is to hope billionaire Roman Abramovich will give up his ownership without demanding any compensation.

Earlier, the Russian businessman announced that he would write off a debt of nearly £2 billion for Chelsea and pledged to use all the money from the sale of the club to support people suffering in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

If Abramovich accepts to let go, Chelsea could very well be relaxed or lifted the ban. After all, the moves towards The Blues are just a way for the British to put pressure on billionaire Roman Abramovich.

British Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries affirmed that English football teams are cultural assets in the country, so the British Government has an obligation to protect Chelsea.

“The sanctions directly affect Chelsea and the fans. We will work to keep the club and the league from being harmed by these sanctions.

To ensure that the club can continue to play and operate as normal, the government is issuing a special permit allowing club staff to be fully paid, and fans will still be able to purchase tickets to attend. normal game, and at the same time will take away the ownership of Mr. Abramovich’s club.

Chelsea has won the Champions League twice under billionaire Roman Abramovich.
Chelsea has won the Champions League twice under billionaire Roman Abramovich.

The government will work with the football federation to address issues that are directly affecting the club, protecting Chelsea and ensuring sanctions are implemented in line with their pre-determined goals.

Before billionaire Abramovich makes the final decision, England is considering easing some items to reduce pressure on Chelsea. According to the BBC, the British government is about to issue a special license for Chelsea to complete the transfer of power, of course, in case Abramovich does not receive the money.

Chelsea are ranked 3rd in the English Premier League, 8 and 9 points ahead of Arsenal (4th) and Man Utd (5th) respectively. Mason Mount and his teammates still have the opportunity to win the Champions League and FA Cup this season. Currently, The Blues are the defending European champions and have defeated Lille in the first leg of the 1/8 Champions League round of 16.

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