Cristiano Ronaldo asked to leave Man Utd in the summer transfer window due to dissatisfaction with the ambition of the home team.

On the night of July 2, 2022, The Athletic, The Times reported that CR7 wanted to leave Man Utd. The Portuguese superstar has sent a request to the club’s leadership, with the desire to switch to a new team in the summer transfer window of 2022 if Man Utd receives a reasonable offer.

Ronaldo wants to leave MU right away
Ronaldo wants to leave MU right away

The reason why Ronaldo wants to end his contract with MU

The reason why Ronaldo wants to end his contract with MU
The reason why Ronaldo wants to end his contract with MU

The reason CR7 gave was not satisfied with MU’s ambition. The 37-year-old striker thinks that continuing to play for the “Red Devils” will no longer have the opportunity to compete for the title.

According to a source from La Republica (Italy) revealed, coach Erik ten Hag is building a game plan for Man United somewhat similar to the old club Ajax. However, the Portuguese superstar has no official position or will no longer fit into the new style of the team.

HLV Erik ten Hag
HLV Erik ten Hag

In fact, Erik ten Hag is hovering when he only sees Ronaldo as an alternative solution, La Republica newspaper said: “This military leader has a clear view, because Ronaldo is 37 years old, and he cannot be in this position. It’s the center of MU’s play.” This, as well as erasing what this superstar brought to MU last season, was a total of 24 goals and 3 assists after 39 matches.

According to reporter David Ornstein, having to play in the Europa League next season also makes Ronaldo frustrated. The striker wearing the number 7 shirt is the greatest scorer in Champions League history, and his ambition is to continue playing in this tournament next season.

CR7 has 19 consecutive seasons in the Champions League, thereby setting many milestones in terms of appearances (183), goals (140) and assists (42).

With the possibility that it is no longer in the plan of coach Erik ten Hag, and with MU’s absence from the Champions League next season, it is inevitable that this superstar will consider breaking up with the “Red Devils” of Manchester.

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Ronaldo club wants to play before leaving the field

Ronaldo while playing for Sporting CP
CR7 while playing for Sporting CP

Marca said it is likely that Ronaldo wants to return to his old club Sporting CP (Portugal), where he started his career as a professional player… In addition, if CR7 plays for Sporting CP, Ronaldo Nor will there be a break in the record of always playing in the Champions League throughout his career, because this team will be in the group stage next season.

Maintaining records for Ronaldo is very important. In addition, the return to Sporting CP also helps this superstar to have a solid footing and will be playing regularly in the main squad. Thereby, it is also a good preparation that CR7 wants, before attending the World Cup, which can be considered the last tournament in his career at the end of this year with the Portuguese team in Qatar.

On the other hand, it is not excluded that this superstar will return to his old club, Real Madrid. This team will see Cristiano Ronaldo as a short-term solution for a season or two, before looking to buy a younger star to fill the vacant position in the squad.

In mid-June, CR7’s agent Jorge Mendes contacted Chelsea owner Todd Boehly to negotiate a new contract. Mendes is said to also work with Bayern Munich, but has not yet reached an agreement.

CR7's agent Jorge Mendes meets the Chelsea owner
CR7’s agent Jorge Mendes meets the Chelsea owner

Chelsea are looking to bring in CR7 to replace Romelu Lukaku – the Belgian striker has just returned to Inter Milan on loan. Meanwhile, Bayern Munich need a top-class striker in case Robert Lewandowski moves to Barcelona. In addition to Chelsea and Juventus, Sporting Lisbon is also a potential destination for Ronaldo.

The leadership of Man United understands CR7’s desire. However, the point of the “Red Devils” is not to sell Ronaldo at all costs. Coach Erik ten Hag wants the Portuguese superstar to be the nucleus of the team’s reconstruction plan.

In the 2021-2022 season, despite MU’s poor performance, Ronaldo has scored 24 goals in all competitions. He was the number 1 striker of the “Red Devils” last season and was named in the Top 10 best players in the Premier League.

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