Europa League Player of the Season 2021-2022

The Europa League season has officially ended after a fiery match between Eintracht Frankfurt vs Rangers, competing for the championship trophy after many years of miss. Rangers were less fortunate when they missed a penalty and gave the opportunity to Eintracht Frankfurt to win the final with a score of 5-4.

The achievements of the players recorded during the season have been compiled, in addition to the shining performances on the pitch that have been captured by the camera in the best moments. It wasn’t hard for fans to figure out who the best players were, as all were answered with goals and UEFA Europa League’s Player of the Season was named.

Defending Season Champion: Eintracht Frankfurt
Defending Season Champion: Eintracht Frankfurt

Filip Kostić

Europa League - Filip Kostić
Filip Kostić

The 29-year-old male player of the Eintracht Frankfurt team – the defending champion of the 2021-2022 season, has been voted the best player of the UEFA Europa League 2021-2022 season.

In addition to the attacking style of play, Filip Kostić is also trusted with the task of wing-back. With his youth, his powerful attacking footwork and a mindset that allows him to always look for ways to get the ball into the opponent’s goal.

He is one of the few players who can handle both roles from defense to attack strongly, his skills have allowed coach Oliver Glasner to confidently choose him as a winger for the team.

Europa League - HLV Oliver Glasner
HLV Oliver Glasner

After his attacking efforts to score, he had 3 goals and 6 assists by the end of the season. His sixth cross to the left helped Eintracht Frankfurt equalize with Rangers, sending the two into a thrilling battle every second.

Rangers is the team that keeps the advantage when it comes to the lead, it has been a long time since 1972 the team has not yet won the title of champion of the 2nd season.

Therefore, in the penalty shootout, many players expressed concern. Eintracht – Rangers’ representative took the 4th free kick, he misjudged the position of goalkeeper Kevin Trapp who could block the ball’s path.

1 goal lead is a huge advantage that turns in favor of Filip Kostić club.

Frankfurt coach Oliver Glasner said in an interview that after the victory over Rangers was not easy: “We will celebrate in the next few days”.

Rangers slipped out of the UEFA Europa League Cup
Rangers slipped out of the UEFA Europa League Cup

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Statistics of Kostić’s achievements in the Europa League 2021-2022:

Filip Kostić's achievements in Europa League
Filip Kostić’s achievements in Europa League
  • Number of appearances : 12
  • Goals scored: 3
  • Assist phase: 6
  • Running distance: 14.26 km/match
  • Kostić’s fastest speed: 33.4 km/h

According to statistics from the website FBref, modern analysis techniques have resulted in an average of about 6.6 shots per shot of Kostić per 90 minutes. He has put his name on the list of 1% of full-backs possessing this special ability.

Filip Kostić transfer history

Filip Kostić transfer history
Filip Kostić transfer history

It has been 42 years since 1972 and Frankfurt has not been able to touch the UEFA championship trophy, the last time it reached the final was in 2019. The dream of coach Oliver Glasner’s second title was overwhelmingly successful. Possessing talented young players in the squad will help Frankfurt revive the team spirit, improve its ranking on the rankings and strive to become the top team in Europe.

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