Premier League top scorer 2021-2022

Son Heung-min (Tottenham) & Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) compete for the title of the golden shoe. In this season, superstar Ronaldo played in a declining form, not eligible to compete for the golden shoe, so he could only stay out of the game, watching a generation of young players compete for the title of Primier League top scorer 2021-2022. Follow until the end to see which player gets the golden boot this season….

Premier League top scorer 2021-2022
Premier League top scorer 2021-2022

Son Heung-min (Tottenham) & Mohamed Salah (Liverpool): Premier League top scorer 2021-2022

The Golden Shoe was given to 2 players for the first time in a season

Son Heung-min and Mohamed Salah compete for the yellow shirt title. Heung-min near the same as firmly held the title in hand, surprising all fans when he witnessed the ball into the Norwich goal in stoppage time, the official match ending the EPL 2021-2022 season.

Salah was on the bench watching his teammates play from start to finish in the match against Wolves until the end of the game, the Liverpool manager just let the 29-year-old play and, beyond Salah’s own prediction, he scored for Liverpool. beat Wales 3-1 at Andrews Stadium, equaling Heung-min’s hit record.

Heung-min was a little disappointed because the original yellow shirt, the owner had to share with another procedure. But he could not be happy with the first title of his playing career on the pitch. This is help the value of Heung-min increase and he may have the opportunity to be noticed by big teams like Man United, Chelsea,… and invited to compete in upcoming tournaments.

The Golden Shoe was given to 2 players for the first time in a season
The Golden Shoe was given to 2 players for the first time in a season

Season summary Heung-min and Salah both scored 23 goals during the 2021-2022 Premier League season. Unfortunately for Heung-min when he had to share the title that he thought belonged to him with Salah. For the first time, the Premier League Golden Shoe was awarded to two players in the same season.

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Summary of results after the end of the Premier League 2021-2022

Ronaldo struggled to put his name in the race for the Golden Shoe title, but he only scored 18 goals, behind CR are Sadio Mane (16 goals) and Diogo Jota (15 goals).

The top scorers of the season are not players from defending champions Man City. The individual goal record of each player is not high enough compared to the owner of the most goals of the season, with more than 8 players in the squad scoring more than 7 goals. The leading achievement of the whole team is Kevin De Bruyne with 15 goals.

Below is an updated list in order of goals and assists of the top 10 best players this season.

Top 10 players with the most goals in the Premier League 2021-2022

Update: Top 10 players with the most goals in the Premier League 2021-2022

RankPlayerClubGoals (PKs)AssistsMatchesMins
1.Mohamed SalahLiverpool23 (5)13352,761
 Son Heung-minTottenham23 (0)7353,019
3.Cristiano RonaldoMan United18 (3)3302,458
4.Harry KaneTottenham17 (4)9373,232
5.Sadio ManeLiverpool16 (0)2342,824
6.Kevin De BruyneMan City15 (0)8302,205
 Diogo JotaLiverpool15 (0)4352,372
 Jamie VardyLeicester City15 (0)2251,805
9.Wilfried ZahaCrystal Palace14 (5)1332,761
10.Raheem SterlingMan City13 (2)5302,127
Top 10 players with the most goals in the Premier League 2021-2022

List of Premier League top scorers from 1993-2021

2020-21Harry KaneTottenham Hotspur23
2019-20Jamie VardyLeicester City23
2018-19Pierre-Emerick AubameyangArsenal22
 Sadio ManeLiverpool22
 Mohamed SalahLiverpool22
2017-18Mohamed SalahLiverpool32
2016-17Harry KaneTottenham Hotspur29
2015-16Harry KaneTottenham Hotspur25
2014-15Sergio AgueroManchester City26
2013-14Luis SuarezLiverpool31
2012-13Robin Van PersieArsenal26
2011-12Robin Van PersieArsenal30
2010-11Dimitar BerbatovManchester United20
 Carlos TevezManchester City20
2009-10Didier DrogbaChelsea29
2008-09Nicolas AnelkaChelsea19
2007-08Cristiano RonaldoManchester United31
2006-07Didier DrogbaChelsea20
2005-06Thierry HenryArsenal27
2004-05Thierry HenryArsenal25
2003-04Thierry HenryArsenal30
2002-03Ruud van NistelrooyManchester United25
2001-02Thierry HenryArsenal24
2000-01Jimmy Floyd HasselbainkChelsea23
1999-00Kevin PhillipsSunderland30
1998-99Jimmy Floyd HasselbainkLeeds United18
 Michael OwenLiverpool18
 Dwight YorkeManchester United18
1997-98Dion DublinCoventry City18
 Michael OwenLiverpool18
 Chris SuttonBlackburn Rovers18
1996-97Alan ShearerNewcastle United25
1995-96Alan ShearerBlackburn Rovers31
1994-95Alan ShearerBlackburn Rovers34
1993-94Andy ColeNewcastle United34
1992-93Teddy SheringhamN. Forest / Tottenham22
Premier League top scorer from 1993-2021

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Generation of legendary players: Ronaldo, Messi,. is gradually ceding the glory to the next generation of young players. Age and form decline, instead there are talented young players and the form is no less than the players that went before. Some promising names to replace legends rise to the top of European football: Mohamed Salah, Kevin De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva, ..Fans will continue to enjoy good performances of players on the journey to compete for the title of Golden Ball of the Year.

Above is a list of players selected by the Premier League BTC, all of whom are worthy of the efforts they put into the tournament. If you have any feedback or comments, please comment below to let us know.

Above is a summary of the top scorer of the Premier League 2021-2022. Follow the Zululion website for more updates on various knowledge.


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