Top 10 best players in the Premier League

Ending a 38-day series of matches between the big boys and rookies. The final is a dramatic competition between Man City vs Aston Villa, Liverpool vs Wolves, on the track to compete for the Premier League title 2021-2022 Man City has excellently surpassed Liverpool, raising the Premier League trophy.

The end of the battle between the teams is when the fans look forward to the results of announcing the excellent players of the season. This time on the rankings there are many unfortunate changes, two famous names, Ronaldo and Bowen, are not in the top 4, the top position is expected to belong to Kevin De Bruyne or Mohamed Salah?

We’ve compiled each player’s total score by appearances, goals, assists and contribution to complete our list of the Top 10 Premier League players below.

Man City - the champion of the Premier League season 2021-2022
Man City – the champion of the Premier League season 2021-2022

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9. Mason Mount (Chelsea) – 53 points

The young English player has a passion for football at the age of 6, after many years of training and playing, the 23-year-old midfielder has been playing for the Chelsea national team from 2019-2020. Efforts after eight weeks of hard work in the season, he received a record of young players scoring at least 10 goals and providing many assists for teammates in the same season, helping Chelsea to second place. 3 on ranking table.

Thomas Tuchel understands how important Mount’s role is. Therefore, Chelsea must ensure a long-term future with him to continue to be promoted next season, challenging the title race with two potential rivals, Liverpool and Man City.

 Mason Mount (Chelsea)
 Mason Mount (Chelsea)

9. Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool) – 53 points

Virgil van Dijk
Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool)

Returning from a sprained anterior cruciate ligament injury at the beginning of the season, the Dutchman quickly regained his form, and with his teammates set a unique record of the season. Liverpool have defended their goal in 21 matches, which means that superstars who have faced Liverpool’s goal such as Ronaldo, Mount, .. have not been able to concede just 1 goal in 21 matches. via.

The important person behind is Virgil van Dijk, he has supported the defense very well. So much so that, looking at his performances on the pitch, you can understand why his name was on top of the Premier League season rankings at the beginning of March. What’s more, every week, he still remains to maintain the position of the best player of the season on the rankings.

Dijk joined Liverpool in January 2018 with a record-breaking contract for a centre-back, costing Liverpool £75m to complete the transfer process. Not long after joining the team, he brought Liverpool to the final of the UEFA Champions League. At Anfield Dijk, he showed the bravery of an excellent leader in defence. If he still keeps his form, predicting the future, he will become the best defender in Liverpool history.

8. Harry Kane (Tottenham) – 58 points

8. Harry Kane (Tottenham)
8. Harry Kane (Tottenham)

Tottenham had a slow start to the season, and things were not going well when captain Harry Kane played with a noticeable drop in form. A series of rumors broke out while Tottenham showed signs of going down, the press rumored that Kane would move to play for Man City to have tickets to the Euro.

Somehow, the 28-year-old made it into the February player of the season rankings of the season. At the end of the Premier League season Kane has scored 5 goals for Tottenham, giving the whole team the opportunity to move on to the Champions League, to face Arsenal.

In summary, Kane has had 183 successful shots in the EPL, just 77 goals behind Alan Shearer’s record.

7. Jarrod Bowen (West Ham) – 70 points

Jarrod Bowen (West Ham)
Jarrod Bowen (West Ham)

The West Ham forward is said to have enjoyed his best breakout season of any player in the league this season, and topped once in the season’s Weekly Power Rankings.

The 25-year-old has scored 18 goals and provided 13 assists for the Hammers, combining clever movement with deadly finishing.

As part of West Ham’s main squad, Bowen was instrumental in helping his team advance to the Europa League semi-finals. Finishing the tournament in 7th place, he has now been rewarded with his first England place in Nations League matches against Hungary, Germany and Italy.

Sportsmail revealed earlier this month the east London side wanted to tie him to new terms and double his £60,000-a-week salary, but it would not be surprising if clubs The Champions League is sniffing around.

6. Son Heung-min (Tottenham) – 79 points

Son Heung-min (Tottenham) 
Son Heung-min (Tottenham) 

Tottenham’s trump card when in only the last 5 matches of the tournament, Heung-min shot 6 balls into the opponent’s net. At the end of the tournament he scored 3 goals. The Korean player’s excellent performance stood out in the match against Norwich after scoring twice, this match Tottenham won 5-0 against Norwich. Heung-min maintained the top 4 position and held the top position twice during the Premier League season.

The amazing return of an Asian player caused a stir in the world football village. Create a strong belief that Asian players will have the opportunity to own a ticket to play in a big match in Europe.

Tottenham announced that they have successfully extended the 4-year contract with Heung-min, a potential trio including Kane, Heung-min and Dejan Sokolovski are expected to lead Tottenham to win more titles.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) – 89 points

Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)

Ronaldo’s performance declined, and Ronaldo’s performance was no longer in his peak when he did not reach the top 4 best players of the season. However, CR7 still did not miss the opportunity to shine in the tournament. Not letting his legendary title be forgotten, the Portuguese superstar shines with 18 goals for Manchester United in 30 times playing on the field.

The combat ability has decreased, but it is still more than the performance of a normal player. He has failed to top the rankings of the top scorers of the season three times. Coach Erik ten Hag, newly appointed at Man United, will have a specific plan to exploit Ronaldo’s full potential.

A lot of rumors broke out about CR7’s negative influence on teammates, affecting the spirit of competition of club members. Ignoring all the fan arguments throughout the season about Ronaldo’s declining form because no one has surpassed his age, we have to accept this fact.

4. Joao Cancelo (Manchester City) – 90 points

Joao Cancelo Manchester City11
Joao Cancelo (Manchester City)

Defender stands out in the Man City defence, skillful feet Cancelo successfully completed 56 dribbles on the field, 58 times successfully completed interceptions. Cancelo’s revealed potential was the stepping stone for his career leap forward.

The Man City defender was given the opportunity to play 52 matches by coach Pep Guardiola. He is a key member of Man City. Cancelo’s achievements change continuously on the ranking of the top 10 best players in the Premier League.

3. Bernardo Silva (Manchester City) – 102 points

Bernardo Silva (Manchester City)
Bernardo Silva (Manchester City)

An indispensable member in every match Man City participates in. Silva has had some great moments for himself during this 2021-2022 Premier League season. The goal was scored with a volley against Aston Villa club, leaving his mark on the hearts of the fans.

His achievements can’t be a joke as he continuously maintained the top position for 6 consecutive weeks of the season. The positive energy he brings to the team is what makes him such an important part of the team.

2. Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) – 155 points

Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City)
Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City)

Returning to play with the team after a long period of pain, he quickly regained his original top form even though the pain had not completely stopped. De Bruyne still gives his best with Man City to compete for the championship.

Pains come to Kevin De Bruyne
Pains come to Kevin De Bruyne

The achievement he received after his efforts was the top of the personal rankings for 3 consecutive weeks and 4 times in the whole Premier League season.

So it’s not surprising that the 30-year-old was voted as one of the top players of the season. He scored 15 goals and 8 assists for champions Man City.

In order not to lose a talented player, as soon as the contract was about to expire, Man City quickly negotiated to sign De Bruyne with a 3-year contract extension when other teams were also looking to recruit. De Bruyne.

1. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) – 192 points

Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) 
Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) 

Salah’s late strike against Wolves earned him the golden boot alongside Heung-min as they both scored 23 goals during the season.

For the first time, the golden shoe is given to 2 players together
For the first time, the golden shoe is given to 2 players together

The 29-year-old has given himself 14 of the top assists, and fans must be delighted to praise him, as he has been on the list of the season’s players of the season for 21 consecutive weeks. He deserves the title of top player.

This result is unfortunate for De Bruyne, the injury caused him to suffer pain and could not play. This greatly influenced the results. In each position, the players are well deserved for their efforts. Waiting for the miracle will come to Man City again next season.

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