What records does Cristiano Ronaldo hold?

Ronaldo is such a familiar name in world football, he received so many medals and records that he can’t even remember the number of achievements he has received. It’s not too ostentatious when we call him a “legend” with 807 goals. The record number in the male football village has not been achieved by anyone like Cristiano Ronaldo.

Currently, the Portuguese superstar plays for the club Manchester United and is the captain of the Portugal national football team.

What records does Cristiano Ronaldo hold?
What records does Cristiano Ronaldo hold?

His charisma always makes everyone interested and want to learn more about what is the driving force that makes him a football superstar today? This article has detailed each milestone and record that Ronaldo is holding by listing the titles in his career.

Why does Ronaldo follow professional football?

The uneven road that CR7 has walked is very few people know, he was an ordinary kid who came to football as a childhood game, not knowing what his future would be. It’s understandable, because a rural boy in a family that was not rich and didn’t have much education, making a living every day with his superstar mother was not an easy burden for a woman at that time.

At the age of 12, the boy Ronaldo had contact with the ball, and by chance his talent was discovered and he from a local team was recruited by Sporting CP, starting the process of training and improving his skills. Within a year he became a key member of the team and his title journey started here. The big turning point that changed CR7’s whole life, without it, he would now be just an employee of a store in the city.

Ronaldo and the early days of his career at Sporting CP club
Ronaldo and the early days of his career at Sporting CP club

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Titles of the clubs

How many times does CR7 appear on the football field?

The records Ronaldo holds, not only have awards, but he is also one of the few European players to own a record of participating in the competition. He became special as a player with the most appearances, the most goals scored on the international field. He always breaks his own records, that’s why at the age of over 30 he has never let his fans down.

Ronaldo trains hard every day to become a football legend

I don’t know what Ronaldo doesn’t do well, because he only sees him as the best. With 1,100 appearances and more than 800 goals scored, perhaps he himself can’t even remember all the awards he has from amateur to professional. The series of titles CR7 has earned in his entire career:

Sporting CP(2002-2003) 

⧫ Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira: 2002

Manchester United(2003-2009)

⧫ Premier League : 2006–2007 , 2007–2008 , 2008–2009

⧫ The Football Association Challenge Cup: 2003–2004

⧫ English Football League : 2005–2006 , 2008–2009

⧫ FA Community Shield : 2007

⧫ UEFA Champions League : 2007–2008

⧫ FIFA Club World Cup : 2008

Real Madrid(2009-2018)

⧫ La Liga : 2011–2012 , 2016–2017

⧫ Copa del Rey : 2010–2011 , 2013–2014

⧫ Supercopa de España : 2012 , 2017

⧫ UEFA Champions League: 2013–2014 , 2015–2016 , 2016–2017 , 2017–2018

⧫ UEFA Super Cup: 2014 , 2017

⧫ FIFA Club World Cup: 2014 , 2016 , 2017


⧫ Serie A : 2018–2019 , 2019–2020

⧫ Coppa Italia : 2020–2021

⧫ Supercoppa Italiana : 2018 , 2020


⧫ UEFA Champions League: 2016

⧫ UEFA Nations League : 2018–2019

Cristiano Ronaldo’s personal achievements during his football career:

⧫ Ballon d’Or : 2008 , 2013 , 2014 , 2016 , 2017

⧫ FIFA The Best: 2008

⧫ FIFA Best Special Award for Outstanding Career Achievement : 2021

⧫ European Golden Shoe : 2007–2008, 2010–2011, 2013–2014, 2014–2015

⧫ FPF Best Portuguese Player : 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

⧫ PFA Player of the Year : 2006–2007, 2007–2008

⧫ Premier League Player of the Year : 2006–2007 , 2007–2008

⧫ Premier League Golden Shoe : 2007–2008

⧫ La Liga Player of the Year : 2013–2014

⧫ Pichichi Trophy : 2010–2011 , 2013–2014 , 2014–2015

⧫ Serie A Player of the Year : 2019, 2020

⧫ Capocannoniere : 2020–2021

Ronaldo ky luc
Ronaldo shows off the golden ball for the 5th time in his career

Ronaldo reveals the last club he wants to play for before he retires

Ronaldo reveals the last club he wants to play for before he retires
Ronaldo reveals the last club he wants to play for before he retires

In an interview with the Manchester Evening News, Ronaldo revealed to the media that before he retires, he will definitely return to his old team at least once. He hopes to once again wear the Sporting CP shirt.

With Ronaldo, Sporting CP club as the cradle that has raised and fostered a superstar like now, if not discovered, his talent is just wasted. Another interesting thing is that CR7 revealed that he will not retire before the age of 40 because he thinks he still wants to play for top clubs.

Ronaldo’s record has reached a number that we can hardly remember what he has ever won. Maintaining his form for a long time in his career, he also holds a record for the hobbies of “spending money” like a true billionaire. Ronaldo’s phenomenon has cooled down from the height of his career, but his peak in the fans’ memory will last forever.

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