10 best midfielders in Man Utd’s history

The Red Devils have a long history of establishment, being born in 1938, growing strongly until today. Man Utd always owns in the squad quality midfielders, some of them always shine in every match. That’s why United have so many golden trophies! Below is a list of the 10 best midfielders in Man Utd history.

Owners of Man Utd
Owners of Man Utd

The criteria we set forth to choose the Top 10 best midfielders in Man Utd history:

* Playing time at Old Trafford at least five years.

* Over 200 appearances.

* Contributing to helping MU win more than two championships or have scored at least 50 goals.

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10 best midfielders in Man Utd’s history

1. George Best (181 goals/474 games)

MU - George Best
George Best

George Best owns special techniques, each dribbling virtuosity. Countless impressive goals bearing the mark of the Irish striker. George Best was an extremely important part of MU’s success, becoming the first British club to win the Champions League.

MU’s achievements shocked Europe, celebrating exactly 10 years (1958) of the plane disaster in Munich.

His attacking pass can make opponents unstoppable, his quick two-footed skills bring George Best many individual honors.

Officially debuting at the age of 17, in the same season, he accumulated 32 goals, deserving of the Ballon d’Or award for the best player in Europe.

During the peak of his playing time, the Irish male player regretted when he announced his retirement. He enjoyed success too soon, stopping his career at the age of 27 to follow a lavish lifestyle of alcohol.

If he had chosen again, his career would not have been wasted like that. Either way, George Best had a great time at Old Trafford.

2. Paul Scholes (155 goals/718 games)

Man Utd - Paul Scholes
Man Utd – Paul Scholes

The former player has had a long time with Man Utd, after 19 seasons Paul Scholes joined, he contributed to helping Man United win 10 Premier League championship trophies.

A rare player possessing all 3 factors: speed, skill and critical thinking make him dangerous in any match. He went down in history when he got 3 accurate shots into the opponent’s goal in the 1998-1999 season, bringing the Champions League, Premier League, FA Cup titles.

His importance was discovered by the Red Devils when Paul Scholes retired, he left a big gap in midfield, the members had to work hard to fill it.

3. Ryan Giggs (168 goals/963 games)

Man Utd-Ryan Giggs
Man Utd-Ryan Giggs

Growing up through Man United’s parenting program, learning day by day, Ryan Giggs was called up to the national team in 1991, since then he has won a total of 12 EPL championships.

Playing for MU at the age of 17, Ryan Giggs set a record with 963 appearances, without any Man United player like him.

It can be said that the Welsh player has devoted his youth to the Red Devils, he accompanied MU until the age of 40.

After retiring, Ryan Giggs continued to stay at MU as an assistant to coach Van Gaal.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo (118 goals/292 games)

Man Utd-Cristiano Ronaldo
Man Utd-Cristiano Ronaldo

The heir to the legendary number 7 shirt of David Beckham, played for MU from 2003-2009, Ronaldo’s rank would be higher if he did not leave MU to play for Real Madrid with a transfer contract worth about 80 million pounds.

Ronaldo played in top form at MU in the 2007-2008 season, bringing 42 goals into the opponent’s net to bring MU to the top of the Premier League and Champions League. At the end of the season, FIFA awarded the Golden Ball to the best player of the year.

5. Bryan Robson (99 goals/461 games)

Man Utd-Bryan robson
Man Utd-Bryan robson

Bryan Robson has had an outstanding performance during the past 14 seasons with MU. He has very few weaknesses for opponents to exploit, so he is always a dangerous element the Reds use for midfield.

Dedicating goals to MU from 1981-1994, unlucky for Bryan Robson, despite scoring many goals, MU did not win many titles. Over the past 13 years, he only helped MU get 2 Premier League titles.

6. David Beckham (85 goals/394 games)

Man Utd-David Beckham
Man Utd-David Beckham

During his 13 years at Old Trafford, Beckham became a United legend, he helped Man United become champions of the FA Cup, Champions League and Premier League.

Beckham is the number 7 player with a huge fan following, he is famous for his free kicks from high corners. Maintaining a stable form in the season, Beckham announced his move to Real Madrid in 2003 under a transfer contract similar to Ronaldo because of internal conflicts.

7. Roy Keane (51 goals/480 games)

MU - Roy Keane
Roy Keane

Holding the role of captain for many years since 1997. The Icelandic player used smart play, protecting the MU goal from being threatened by the opponent, but also scaring the opponent before Roy Keane.

Roy Keane was very influential at Old Trafford, his important role became more certain when he won trophies at club level, but he gave up the MU shirt to take on the role of assistant coach. Paul Lambert at Aston Villa because of a disagreement with teammate Sir Alex Ferguson.

The memorable moment in his career came from the corner goal in the 1998-99 Champions League season, the opportunity for MU to turn the situation around when they lost 2-0 in the semi-final against Juventus.

Roy Keane has a special point, he accepts exhaustion but does not accept defeat easily, he transmits positive energy to his teammates. Accompanying the Red Devils for 13 years, he contributed to Man United’s 7 Premier League gold medals.

8. Nobby Stiles (19 goals/394 games)

Nobby Stiles
Man Utd-Nobby Stiles

With 11 years with United (1960-1971), Stiles has scoring skills and enduring stamina.

A memorable moment in Nobby Stiles’ career was the moment when United first won the European Championship (1968) after beating Benfica 4-1 in extra time.

The midfielder is assigned the important task of defending the goal, and also assisting striker Eusebio to score. His strength is at its fullest when he sets foot on the pitch.

9. Paddy Crerand (29 goals/281 games)

Paddy Crerand
Paddy Crerand

Dedicating 8 years to help United firmly hold the championship trophy in 2 seasons, 1964-1965 and 1966-1967.

Although Crerand is not so famous, he often takes the position of midfielder, stable through the seasons. He is also interested in the fans with accurate short passes, hundreds of assists for teammates: Bobby Charlton, Denis Law and George Best scored.

10. Steve Coppell (53 goals/323 games)

Steve Coppell
Steve Coppell

The English striker always shows all his skills in matches in a skillful way, brave in his own way, Steve Coppell makes opponents have to raise their defenses.

He had a quite successful season when he helped United win the FA Cup title (1976-1977). His speed and ability to control the ball have helped him excel in this list.

The above 10 players are selected by us based on the above 3 criteria, so there are a few names that you may not see in the rankings because they do not qualify for the given. But the players gave their all for the football career of Man United.

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