Back 4 blood is an extremely hot game on the market today. In other words, this is one of the top interesting PC games at the moment. Are you a newbie to back 4 blood still learning about it? Below we have gathered a full set of tips and guidelines for you to play back 4 blood easily. Join us to learn more about how back 4 blood plays. You can take it here!

Back 4 blood
Back 4 blood

Coordinate weapons with your teammates

It is undeniable that fighting with teammates will make it easier for us to win. However, in the same team, it is necessary to have a specific and clear division of work, to work in harmony with each other to quickly defeat extremely powerful enemies. For example, there will be a long range sniper, a close sniper, a gunner, etc. Make sure in your team you will be able to deal with any situation that may arise.

Back 4 blood - Coordinate weapons with your teammates
Back 4 blood – Coordinate weapons with your teammates

Besides ammo is also an issue that you need to pay attention to in addition to getting ammo for your weapon you should also get more for your teammates to be able to give them when they need it. Let’s work together well for a great result!

Note the types of ammo

Back 4 blood - Pay attention to the types of ammo
Back 4 blood – Pay attention to the types of ammo

Ammo is a very important thing, if your weapon doesn’t have ammo you won’t be able to do anything. You must know the weapon you use to choose the right ammo. At the base level, you might want to be able to deal with enemies both near and far, but the ammo your weapon uses isn’t suitable. So even if you are only interested in melee weapons, or long-range combat, you should choose for yourself one of each, because it will be much better than both of the same. That way you can deal with the enemy in many different situations.

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Go together

For Back 4 Blood, going together is the most effective way to play. Certain enemies can trap players, so going together will save you lives from enemy traps. If you are unlucky to be trapped by the enemy, to be able to revive you must ask your teammates and that person must also be near you. So always go with your teammates.

Back 4 blood - Go together
Back 4 blood – Go together

However, also making sure that you don’t have to scramble to find your way to your teammates (while fighting your way there) will help your team return to full strength quickly. That’s paramount, as it’s very easy for a lackluster team to get overwhelmed while trying to rescue someone and stop the enemy with fewer guns.

Don’t be shy in close combat

If you’re a veteran of the shooter genre, you may need to break certain behaviors. Even while you’re staggered, you’re free to use your melee ability to deal with any enemy that’s right near you.

Back 4 blood - Let's fight melee
Back 4 blood – Let’s fight melee

You can reload your guns so you can handle them longer, melee fights won’t really interrupt your ongoing reload. So any hesitation, you have about using it while trying to prepare the gun. You’ll still want to start firing your weapons again as soon as you can, but when the time comes to despair, that melee can save you some unnecessary damage and/or give you a chance to hide. to a safer location.

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Make sure you always have your kit

Back 4 blood - Make sure you always have your kit
Back 4 blood – Make sure you always have your kit

Kits are handy items that allow you to unlock special doors and crates. These doors are always worth opening, as they often contain heaps of copper, better-than-average weapons, and a Health Station. You can also use the kit to open locked minigun crates, which can be extremely useful in sections where you need to stock up. Kits are found in-game but are available for purchase at the start of each action. You should always have at least one Toolkit in your party, so take a moment to coordinate with your team before leaving the safe room.

Share with teammates

Back 4 blood - Share with teammates
Back 4 blood – Share with teammates

If you have an extra item, coordinate with your team and give it to teammates in need. This helps make sure your entire team has grenades, healers, and other items that you can buy from the Safe Home shop. And that’s especially important if there’s a good but expensive team upgrade in the store, or if you need to get everyone’s turn at the Health Station after the free charge has been spent.

Use ping

Back 4 blood - Use ping
Back 4 blood – Use ping

Using voice chat when playing games will help you communicate with your teammates faster. However sometimes you have to play against random players online. This is where the game’s awesome ping system comes into play. Ping will help point out special Ridden, ammo, crate, or whatever simply by pressing a button and a valuable tool. Hit ping all the time and let your teammates know when to pick up useful items around.

Beware of traumatic damage

Back 4 blood - Be careful with injuries
Back 4 blood – Be careful with injuries

When you get killed or take a significant amount of damage, your max health starts to decrease. If you are not careful, these injuries can stalk you and put you in situations where you will have to spend a huge amount of money to recover. The Health Station and some Safehouses are your main source of maximum health, but this can be expensive – after you use the Health Station for free, each surcharge costs 400 VND. So try to be mindful of how much damage you’re giving yourself, as taking too much means you’ll need to pay some hefty price to survive.

Above are the things that you need to keep in mind to be able to play back 4 blood most effectively. Hope you will have for yourself important notes and win in this game. Or discover more Top PC games 2022 here.


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