Cristiano Ronaldo – The journey to become the world’s No. 1 legend

The biggest turning point that changed the life of boy Cristiano Ronaldo, no one knew how happy the day he started playing for Sporting CP CR7 was. For the first time in his life, he understood what it was like to earn money and feed his family with his own hard work. He helped his poor mother take care of the small family when he was just a “boy”. Learn about this boy’s situation to know how Ronaldo struggled to get out of poverty, if you were, you would have given up a long time ago.

Cristiano Ronaldo - The journey to become a world football legend
Cristiano Ronaldo – The journey to become a world football legend

Ronaldo’s Family (past)

The past is something that some people may want to hide, but for Cristiano Ronaldo it is the driving force. It marked a long journey on his career path. Efforts and a difficult childhood always remind him to try harder every day. That’s why we have a Ronaldo like today.

Not as fortunate as his peers, Ronaldo is the youngest child in a large family. Besides him, there are 2 sisters and 1 brother. The gardener father does not take care of the family. He fell into drinking parties with friends, so all the difficulties accumulated on the shoulders of the poor kitchen helper. Because he couldn’t afford to live, CR7 dropped out of school early and started a professional football career.

Ronaldo’s first step into the profession

CR7’s first field pass started early, when he was an 8-year-old boy. With such a young age, how many children can orient and chart their own path like Ronaldo in the past. At the age of 10, he played for the local team Nacional.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Sporting CP
Cristiano Ronaldo – Sporting CP

He works hard every day and it can be said that he was lucky when Sporting CP coach Sir Alex Ferguson discovered Ronaldo’s talent. He struggled a lot with the other members to convince the 12-year-old Ronaldo to sign a £1,500 contract.

The first passes in Ronaldo's career
The first passes in Ronaldo’s career

When there is no precedent for a young player, CR7 is being trained and trained with professional exercises. In such a professional environment, CR7’s talent quickly develops, the precedent of the only player playing under 16 – 18 years old in a season is no longer a big obstacle for CR7.

Crisis period Cristiano Ronaldo has gone through

The economic crisis is the first thing that cannot be ignored in a large family. No one believes a boy who can think about the future and make his own decisions. The exception occurred, when at the age of 14 Ronaldo decided to drop out of school to pursue a professional football path. Perhaps at that time, the boy Ronaldo had grown up in his mind and saw his family’s lack of money, so he wanted to earn money to support his family? If the name Ronaldo is still unknown, CR7 will continue a difficult life like his past.

Up to this point, we have been able to say: “You are brave”. Cristiano Ronaldo‘s passion for football is so great that he immediately chooses football even while doing his homework. To achieve his dream, CR7 did not hesitate to practice day and night to quickly keep up with the big brothers.

Fate continues to bring Ronaldo to a guest challenge. He received news that he had a heart condition Racing. Once again standing between the choice, surgery or not?

Ronaldo proves one thing that: "Strive to beat all diseases, pursue success"
Ronaldo proves one thing that: “Strive to beat all diseases, pursue success”

If accepting surgery means accepting the worst, the hidden success will be hidden risks. Ronaldo chose surgery, the risk was an opportunity for him to continue pursuing the professional football path, the fateful choice and fortunately he was healthy and everything was okay.

Clubs Cristiano Ronaldo has attended

⧫2001 – 2003: Started his professional career with a £1,500 transfer contract at Sporting CP.

⧫ 2003 – 2009: Won many awards when playing for the best club in England – Manchester United.

⧫ 2009 – 2018: The world record transfer at that time with Real Madrid. The contract with the figure of 80 million pounds / year, equivalent to 94 million euros / year, lasts 5 years.

⧫ 2018 – 2021: Go to Juventus with a contract worth 100 euros/year (£88 million).

⧫ 2021 – 2022: Continuing the transfer, this time Ronaldo decided to return to Manchester United with a 2-year contract worth more than 400 thousand euros/week.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has attended
Cristiano Ronaldo has attended

Currently, when moving to Manchester United, the transfer value of CR7 has decreased much, no longer the glory days of a superstar, partly because CR7’s age is not young. And just as it is time for him to take a break to make room for potential young players: Neymar, Paul Pogba, Kevin De Bruyne, Robert Lewandowski, ..

The mystery of the number 7 shirt that makes Ronaldo’s brand

The first time CR7 wore the number 7 shirt was when he joined Manchester United.

The mystery of the number 7 associated with Cristiano Ronaldo's career
The mystery of the number 7 associated with Cristiano Ronaldo’s career

Coach Sir Alex Ferguson has suggested that the number 7 shirt worn by greats such as George Best, Eric Cantona and David Beckham of MU will continue to be worn by Ronaldo and make many achievements.

Are the results worth CR7’s efforts?

The number for Cristiano Ronaldo to become a world football legend is certainly not all we can remember, so we need to list it to know how good Ronaldo really is. If he received a medal for every achievement, his room would probably be empty by now.

In 2003, CR7 scored his first international goal against Greece at Euro 2004.

In 2006, Cristiano Ronaldo scored his first goal against Iran in the 2006 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

In 2007, he captained the Portuguese national team for the first time in a friendly against Brazil.

In 2008, CR7 became the permanent captain of the Portuguese team

At the 2010 World Cup, Ronaldo won the best player award in all 3 matches in the group stage.

At Euro 2012, Ronaldo scored three goals in the tournament, making him one of the top scorers of the tournament.

Ronaldo then became the first player in history to represent three semi-finals of the Euro Championship. He then scored a goal in a 2–0 win over Wales in the semi-finals.

In euro 2016, Ronaldo happily returned to Portugal to lift the championship trophy when winning 1-0 against France. From here, it was a stepping stone for him to receive the second silver shoe in his career as the Scorer.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals in matches have made him the all-time top scorer with 84 international goals.

Euro 2020 qualifying, Ronaldo scored his 99th international goal and also became the first footballer to score against 40 national teams. After that, Ronaldo marked the number of 100 international goals when he scored against Sweden.

Ronaldo won the Euro 2020 Golden Shoe award thanks to scoring 5 assists to the eyes of the audience and fans.

The journey of Cristiano Ronaldo to becoming a world-famous player is an arduous process, the invisible things are the difficulties and the sweat that no one can see. Looking at the dense list of international tournaments, we have to know how hard Ronaldo has to treat himself to have a healthy body, dedicate himself to professional football.

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