Rihanna is the richest and coolest pregnant woman in Hollywood

Hollywood’s richest female singer Rihanna recently revealed that she is pregnant with boyfriend A$AP Rocky’s child. On January 31, on her personal page, Rihanna showed off a photo of her walking on the street with her boyfriend in Harlem, New York. The female singer wore a pink jacket that unbuttoned, revealing her large pregnant belly. Her rapper boyfriend also shared the kiss moment on his instagram account.

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Rihanna is the coolest pregnant woman in Hollywood

Experiencing a toxic love affair to meet the true love of my life

Her childhood was quite unhappy when she had an addicted father who always abused his wife and children. So it was always a psychological obsession in her. However, when fame had a bit of power, the abuse against her continued, but this time it was not her father but her boyfriend. Before joining rapper A$AP Rocky, she also experienced an extremely toxic and toxic love affair with male singer Chris Brown. Dating rumors when people see that the two go out, eat together, the number of times the couple meets more and more. This is the beginning of a dating relationship.

At first, everyone thought that the two of them were very beautiful and would go to the same house, but the truth was not as imagined. Rihanna began dating singer Chris Brown in late 2007 and the couple has remained tight-lipped about their relationship. However, on February 8, 2009, that is, after 3 years of dating, the tragedy of violence once again recurred in Rihanna’s life. However, not long after that, rumors surfaced that she was assaulted by her boyfriend.

And the evidence left behind shows that her face has many bruises. She then appeared in court and her ex-boyfriend is now serving 5 years of probation and is 45 meters away from her, and 9 meters away from the red carpet event. That period was her dark time when her boyfriend who loved and trusted her was the one who cheated and used violence against her. I’ve been struggling to get over this toxic relationship from being cheated on.

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Rihanna was abused by her boyfriend
Rihanna was abused by her boyfriend

The moment true love appear

Rihanna had a hard time getting over her old toxic relationship with singer boyfriend Chris Brown. Until she met her current boyfriend, male rapper A$AP Rocky. According to the source, the two seem to be extremely happy. Rihanna shocked the world when she publicly revealed her pregnant belly, the male rapper’s child. It can be seen in the previous love story that it made her miserable and tired, but in this love story it is as beautiful as pink. Because the male rapper cares deeply about her, lovingly takes care of her. According to people, Rocky is romantic and always sends flowers to his girlfriend’s house.

It is known that the two have been close friends for a long time, having collaborated in the hit song Cockiness (2011). After going through a lot of accidental or accidental happenings while attending events together. By the end of 2020, the two were caught up in dating rumors. After she broke up with Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel.

Until May, in an interview with A$AP Rocky admitted that Rihanna is the love of his life, the talented rapper shared: “It’s good if you have someone by your side. Only her, more important than all the others combined. She is unique to me”, officially publicly dating in front of the whole world. He also added that he would not refuse if Rihanna wanted to get married.

Rihanna and her boyfriend A$AP Rocky
Rihanna and her boyfriend A$AP Rocky

Rihanna pregnant

The incident made the public even more shocking when, last January, she announced her pregnancy on social networks through a photo post. It is known that she is in the middle of her cycle. Although she is pregnant, her revealing style is cool and the beauty of the female singer makes the audience fall in love.

She was pregnant with the child of male rapper A$AP Rocky when the two were still not engaged. According to the source, the two are very happy together and are expecting their baby. She had never thought of becoming pregnant before, after experiencing painful relationships in the past. Until she met the male rapper, the love she loves the most, and she thought about having a baby with him. She loves her body now, her love belly now. She loves both his romance and affection, knowing that he always sends her bouquets of flowers.

The two have revealed dating hints for a long time, are close friends before after collaborating through hits. The couple revealed dating rumors in 2020, in the May interview, he just announced that the two are dating.

The moment Rihanna held hands with her boyfriend
The moment Rihanna held hands with her boyfriend

Experiencing painful times in the past, this is perhaps her most fulfilling love story. It is not clear what will happen in the future, but at the moment, this is the man who brings her the most happiness. Help her once again believe in love, believe that happy love still exists.


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