Who owns Man Utd?

A few basic facts you need to know about Man Utd football club. Currently headquartered at Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England. Currently playing in the Premier League, the top league in English football.

Everyone calls MU with the title of Red Devil, founded in 1878 with the first name Newton Heath LYR, then in 1902 renamed the club Man Utd. Currently United is owned by the Glazer Family. Representative of United co-owners are Joel and Avram Glazer.

Who owns MU
Who owns Man Utd?

History and catastrophes that formed Man Utd

1938 – 1945: The early years of the name United was born

Founded in 1878, as Newton Heath LYR, it was not until 1892 -1893 that the club became more independent and began to drop the word LYR in its name and relegated to the Second Division. The name LYR derives from a Transport and wagon division of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Depot.

The club’s first debt in 1902 was around £2,670, equivalent to £300,000 in 2022. The club’s original executive structure was given to four prominent local businessmen, and the person in charge of the head – who will assume the role of club president, is Mr. John Henry Davies. Along with the responsibility and an investment of £500 each to maintain all the activities of the whole team, along with a direct profit from running the management of the club. Manchester United was officially born on 24 April 1902.

Three years later since 1922, after relegation, United regained its form in 1925 after a long period of training of the players. The Red Devils achieved an impressive achievement when standing in the 20th position, the lowest in all-time history without any club achieving in the 2nd division. Man Utd’s financial budget began to fluctuate. It was so bad that there was a high probability of bankruptcy if it weren’t for James W. Gibson’s £2,000 investment in December 1931. The club changed its full-time boss again to him.

1945-1969: Man Utd began to enter the orbit of proper discipline

In October 1945 Mr. Matt Busby was appointed as the team manager. With experience and high discipline, he put everything at the club into a perfect trajectory, maintained his position, won many major awards.

The event happened to the whole club, on a fateful flight after winning the quarter-finals of the European Cup. The lives of eight players were lost in a few seconds when the plane crashed. No one witnessed the incident, so no one knew what the players were thinking in the last moments of their lives.

As a way to stabilize the squad, the club was forced to sign young players to join the competitive squad.

In 1969, Busby resigned as manager of Manchester United club before being replaced by reserve team coach – Wilf McGuinness (a former Manchester United player).

1969-1986: Head Coach’s chair was constantly shaken

Busby continued to assume temporary responsibility for the club’s operations, and Mc Guinness returned as reserve team coach. It was not until June 1971 that the new coach position was replaced by Frank O’Farrell, only accompanied the Red Devils for only 18 months, the head coach position changed hands to Tommy Docherty in December 1972.

The chair continued to change its name, owner Ron Atkinson took the place of Dave Sexton after 4 years (from 1977-1981) devoted himself to the development of Man Utd, but the results received were not very satisfactory.

1986-2013: Continuously holding tournament championships

In 1987, Alex Ferguson and his assistant from Aberdeen were sacked despite the best efforts and efforts to save the team, but the situation was still not satisfactory, still standing in 11th place in the league. By 2006, the process of recovery was positive when it regained the top team position – 2nd place on the football federation rankings.

MU surprised the whole world with the transfer contract of Ronaldo
Man Utd surprised the whole world with the transfer contract of Ronaldo

In the summer of 2009, Man Utd surprised the world with the transfer of Ronaldo to Real Madrid for more than 80 million pounds. Series of championships in the years 2012-2013 in a row with 20 championships in different tournaments (the numbers are compiled from the beginning of 2012 to April 22, 2013).

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2013- Now: A big event hits Man Utd

Unexpectedly, manager Ferguson officially announced on 5 May 2013 to the media that he would retire at the end of the season. The other point is that he will not leave the club, but stay at MU as a director and ambassador for the club. The next day, Manchester United officially announced who would replace former coach David Moyes from July 1, after both sides completed the signing of a six-year contract.

A great disaster has struck since 1995, failing to defend its Premier League title, and since then, MU has not qualified for the minimum requirements to compete for the UEFA League and Europa League. Coach Moyes was fired after a season without a satisfactory performance. The decision to appoint coach Louis Van Gaal is inevitable.

A series of “strange” achievements of MU

The brand logo of the MU football team
The brand logo of the Man Utd football team

➻In 1906, held the position of 2nd runner-up under the management coach Ernest Mangnall.

➻In 1908, won the first league championship for the club.

In 1911, Manchester United won the first division for the second time.

In 1938-1939, before World War II, MU was in 14th place in the First Division.

In 1948, won the FA Cup.

In 1952, Manchester United won the First Division, their first league title in 41 years.

In 1963, won the FA Cup.

➻Manchester United have won their first UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup title.

➻In 1967, the “double” of the FA Cup title, when Manchester United continued to add this title to its award notebook.

➻ 1995-1996: Enrolled for the first time becoming the first English club to score a double as they won both tournaments again

In 1968, Manchester United became the first English club to win the European Cup.

In 1968, represented Europe in the Intercontinental Cup.

➻In in the 1998–1999 season, Manchester United became the first team to win the Premier League, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League – “The Treble” – in the same season.

In November 1999, MU became the only British team to ever win the Intercontinental Cup.

➻The stepping stone to become the 4th boss in the rankings of the only clubs to win the English championship three times in a row.

2003-2004: won the FA Cup, lifting the 11th championship trophy, a record.

2006-2007 season: The Red Devils regain the Premier League title, before completing a European double in the 2008 UEFA Champions League Final.

The real owner is holding MU

Fans are outraged at the management of the Glazer family
Fans are outraged at the management of the Glazer family

Currently, MU is owned by the Glazer Family. Co-owners of Man Utd with him are Joel and Avram Glazer. Having the highest right with 70% of the shares, the Glazer family has almost absolute control over the MU club.

According to the New York Stock Exchange and Stock Exchange, the Glazer family has offered MU shares to the public, but has about 10 times less voting rights than the shares they retain. That’s why there may be hidden conflicts going on at MU that we don’t know. Many people think that the Glazer family should not hold MU anymore, since having them, at the end of 2019, MU fell into debt, specifically with a net debt of nearly 400 million pounds. In 2012, it was estimated that more than £500 million in profits and other hidden costs were incurred by the club for the Glazer family. The number is increasing, as of 2019 it is about 1 billion pounds.

No matter who is keeping Man Utd, fans will never turn away from a certain team if there are inadequacies behind. Wise management is also one of the things that determines the success or failure of United at the present time.

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