Ronaldo’s current transfer value?

Many people think that Ronaldo’s current transfer value will be higher than before, but CR7 surprised the world when accepting the transfer with an unbelievable low number, reducing 6 million euros/year. The reason why he made this decision is still a mystery that needs to be answered. Many questions have been raised, why are there such big changes? Looking back at Ronaldo’s memorable transfers.

Ronaldo officially transferred to Manchester United
Ronaldo officially transferred to Manchester United

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Sporting CP

2001-2003: Started his professional career with a transfer contract at the age of 16.

The first images on CR7's path to pursue a professional football career
The first images on CR7’s path to pursue a professional football career

Pursuing a career as a player from an early age, Ronaldo soon revealed his natural talent and explosive energy with football. So it is not surprising that CR7 has caught the eye of coach Laszlo Boloni and officially became a player of Sporting team. On his debut against Braga in the Primeira Liga on 7 October 2002 Ronaldo left an impression when he scored 3 goals.

CR7’s talent made Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson crave him, after their 3–1 victory over United at the inauguration of the Estádio José Alvalade stadium in August 2003. MU signed a contract with Ronaldo and loaned it to Sporting for 1 year. Ferguson did not hesitate to listen to the urges from other players to accept to pay 12.24 million pounds just for the desire to meet Ronaldo.

A decade after he left the club, in April 2013, Sporting honored Ronaldo by choosing him to be their 100,000th member.

Manchester United

2003-2009: Won many awards when playing for the best club in England.

CR7 put on MU's number 7 shirt
CR7 put on MU’s number 7 shirt

Ronaldo became the first Portuguese player to be sought after for a transfer fee of 12.24 million pounds. At that time, he became the most expensive teenager in English football history. And since then, he has worn the number 7 shirt that has followed him throughout his playing career. It gave him the motivation, led him through the early days, made him unforgettable to coach Ferguson, a father he will always remember and never forget.

2004: won individual title in FA Cup final.

2005: Ronaldo scores Manchester United’s 1000th Premier League goal.

In November, he signed a new contract that runs until 2010. Ronaldo won his second title in England, the League Cup, after he scored the third goal in United’s 4–0 win against him. Wigan Athletic in the final.

2006-2007: Ronaldo was named Premier League Player of the Year in November and December, becoming the third player in a row to receive the award.

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Real Madrid

2009–2018: World record transfer deal

Real Madrid looking for the owner for the number 7 shirt
Real Madrid looking for the owner for the number 7 shirt

CR7 was recruited by Real Madrid with a record number of transfer fees at that time, at 80 million pounds/year, equivalent to 94 million euros/year, with a 5-year contract. The salary he received has also overwhelmed everyone, up to 11 million euros per season with an option to buy outright for 1 billion euros. When he was transferred to Real Madrid, more than 80,000 fans greeted him.

Ronaldo began his brilliant career when consecutively winning prestigious world titles.


2018-2021: Coming to Juventus with a contract worth 100 euros/year (£88 million)

Ronaldo officially put on the Juventus shirt
Ronaldo officially put on the Juventus shirt

Ronaldo surprised with a high transfer rate at the age beyond U30. There has never been any Italian club willing to pay a high salary like the way they recruited Ronaldo, especially now that the male player has turned 30, CR7 has proven his form when passing. matches and titles he has won.

Manchester United

2021-2022: Continue to transfer with a 2-year contract

Ronaldo returns to Manchester United
Ronaldo returns to Manchester United

Manchester United announced the completion of the recruitment of the Portuguese superstar. The Old Trafford team posted on the homepage: “Ronaldo comeback home”. The 36-year-old returned to the Red Devils shirt on a two-year contract, with an option to extend for another year.

The contract value at this time surprised the whole world, the number did not increase but decreased, CR7 will receive a salary of more than 400 thousand euros/week. Although it is lower than his previous transfer value, he is still the most expensive player in the English Premier League and the highest in the Manchester United club.

Ronaldo’s current transfer value compared to other players??

At the moment, CR7 has dropped seriously, slipping out of the top 10 most expensive players in the world, not reaching the top 50 players with the highest transfer value in the world at the moment. He has ceded the top position to 23-year-old French striker – Kylian Mbappe (PSG) with the current transfer fee of about 160 million euros according to statistics from Transfermarkt. The French superstar is rumored to soon win the Ballon d’Or title in the near future.

In second place is player Erling Haaland (Dortmund) with a transfer of 150 million euros, next is Vinicius Jr. (Real Madrid) currently has a transfer fee of 100 million euros, at the bottom of the top 10 is young player Phil Foden from Man City with a price of 85 million euros. These are promising young players who are in excellent form playing for famous clubs: Man City, Manchester United,…

Although they regularly broke records before, however, the glory days of Ronaldo and Messi are gradually coming to an end, giving way to talented young players. Young talents promise to follow in the footsteps of two superstars who made remarkable achievements.

Thus, at the fourth team change in his career, Ronaldo’s transfer price was unbelievably low. Even this number is not equal to the amount that the Red Devils used to spend to recruit him for the first time in 2003 from Sporting (19 million euros excluding fees).

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